Why is Singapore an ideal destination for Indian families with kids

First time I went to Singapore was in 2007 while we were posted in Penang. Being a fan of natural wonders, I wasn’t quite moved by the showpiece constructions, skyscrapers or man-made tourist attractions in Singapore. However, I realized the importance of city only after I saw the joy on my son’s face during another Singapore trip in 2014 with him. From Sentosa Island to night safari to Jurong bird park, all made perfect sense for his holiday.

Even though Singapore is one of the most expensive cities of the world, it is also home to budget shops, variety of street food and many free parks to stroll around. So, traveling with family to Singapore may not really create a hole in your pocket.In fact, for what Singapore offers, most people would agree that it is a perfect travel destination for families with kids (especially aged between 5-12yrs). Besides,  dear mothers, it is easy to travel around in Singapore so if you wish so you can leave fathers behind and have some personal time with your kids. What say? I for sure had loved the ‘me and my son’ time in Singapore.

Traveling to Singapore with Family


Small country – An island city-state off southern Malaysia.It is possible to cover most tourist attractions within a few days

Clean – No need to worry about hygiene issues while traveling. The former British trading post and colony still has a reputation for its cleanliness and strict regulations to maintain the same.

Visa– Not very expensive- $15 approx.

Flights– Close to India so you get good flight deals. You save costs as compared to costs for other distant destinations. For families with children, flight costs are one of the major expense heads.

Food– Singapore’s cultural mix has left it with a genuinely world-class food scene which makes it easy for you to get Indian food in most places. If you can try other local cuisines as well which you must, you won’t need to spend big to eat well


Costs– Expensive accommodation.

Transport – Private transport / cabs are expensive. Public transport is a better option

Internet –  Expensive to use

Top 5 Things to do in Singapore with kids

Over the last decade Singapore has emerged as a popular international tourist destination in its own right as compared to its previous status of a convenient stopover. Here is a list of must do things in Singapore when you are traveling as a family with kids.

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong bird park by Travel Jaunts

Jurong bird park by Travel Jaunts

South East Asia’s largest collection of birds on Jurong Hill. This houses close to 5000 birds across 400 species. The habitat mirrors the natural environment of these birds which makes the whole experience all the more exciting. There is waterfall aviary that houses more than 600 birds, Penguine coast, Flamingo lake, Pelican cove, Hornbill and Toucan aviary, bird theme based water play area for children and more.  Add ons include feeding sessions, birds talk show and performances.

At Jurong bird park by Travel Jaunts

During performance at Jurong bird park- Travel Jaunts

My child loved every moment spent here.

Night Safari

It’s a fascinating world of nocturnal wildlife out there. It’s world’s first wildlife night park with an exciting tram ride, spectacular shows & up close animal encounters complemented with regular performances. From the rugged Himalayan foothills to swampy Asian forests, your children will come across varieties of animals and their habitats. I guess this is a much better and exciting way of learning about animals than looking at books to learn about them.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo by Travel Jaunts

Singapore zoo by Travel Jaunts

Close to night safari is the Singapore zoo operated by the same company. The 26-hectare wildlife park is home to over 2800 animals across 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. A fantastic destination for family outings. For young one there are two major highlights

  1. Kidzranger tour where children aged between 5 and 12 years old can try their hand at being a zookeeper, with activities like feeding and grooming rabbits and falabellas.
  2. Rainforest kidzworld which is themed as an animal wonderland Here kids can enjoy fun activities such as feeding and petting goats or a pony ride.

Must try experience here is to have jungle breakfast with wildlife ( company of free ranging orangutans) Need to book this in advance.

Sentosa Island

Me and my son at universal Studio Singapore – Travel Jaunts

Whether you’re in search of thrills and spills or a relaxed beachside afternoon, you will be spoilt for choice at Sentosa in Singapore. Has many varied attractions ranging from the Universal Studios theme park to magical marine world, a cable car ride, the Sky Tower, nature trails and plenty of shops bars and restaurants.

At Universal Studios Singapore- Travel Jaunts

At Universal Studios Singapore- Travel Jaunts

Perfect family outing – lots to see and lots to do. One day may not enough here. Trip to universal studio itself requires a day and it does get tiring due to the crowd as well. However, since the tickets to the universal studio are not that cheap, you can strive to do your best possible in the available time.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore by Travel Jaunts

Singapore by Travel Jaunts

Children love reaching to the top and looking down at the glowing lights which cover the city. My son was enthralled by the panoramic views of  Singapore island and beyond from the 165m (540ft) tall Singapore flyer , the world’s highest Ferris wheel attraction at Marina Bay.

Besides the above 5 must do things in Singapore when traveling with kids, there are gardens, Clarke quay, night city tour on the boat, Merlion Lion, shopping districts and fine dining joints which you can add to your list depending on time available at your end.

Traveling tips for Singapore attractions

  • Take Singapore pass, works better. Sightseeing pass, Attraction pass or ultimate pass depending on your need and no of days. There are 3 family groups of Singapore Pass giving a choice of 8 different types of configurations. Starting from $67, the 8 configurations are designed to suit everyone’s touring needs and preferences.
  • Tap water is good enough, no need to really buy bottled water.
  • Use public transport, the system is well connected and efficient.
  • Don’t litter, laws are strict.
  • Tipping is not mandatory.

Now that children vacations are approaching in India, plan in advance and go with your little ones. They are sure to have a blast just like this ..

Singapore with kids by Travel Jaunts

Singapore with kids by Travel Jaunts


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