Upclose with Rhinos in Pobitora, Assam

This was my first time to Assam. Landed at the Guwahati airport and booked a local cab for Pobitara. Looking at us the driver asked me, ‘ madam do you have a home in Pobitora’? I could understand his confusion. People from Bangalore, only a lady and a kid, in north east, in Assam and that too wanting to go to a place such as Pobitora as first destination!

I said no, ‘ am going to a resort and my husband will join soon.’

Those of you who are not from Assam, Pobitara would sound alien compared to Kaziranga. Let me introduce Pobitora .

About Pobitora

Pobitara is a small wildlife sanctuary approximately 45kms from Guwahati airport. It’s a great deal if you can’t travel all the way to Kaziranga. Besides, you may miss seeing Rhino in Kaziranga but not in Pobitora. It’s a small area comparatively and has quite a high density of Rhinos.

The curious Rhinos by Travel Jaunts

The curious Rhinos by Travel Jaunts

Elephant Safari at Pobitora

First day, we just ate, slept, walked and fought with insects of Assam. Not joking, ask my son. He hadn’t come across as many insects as he did come across in Assam for last 8 yrs of his life. Anyway, the next morning, it was our elephant safari ride. This is the bridge across which lies the Pobitora wildlife sanctuary. Cross it and you are in the jungle.

Bridge at Pobitora by Travel Jaunts

Bridge at Pobitora by Travel Jaunts

To my surprise, I found people. People from Pune. So, I wasn’t the only one there. As we crossed the bridge, some more people. Wow ! people do come to Pobitora that too from the south, from Maharashtra, and from Bengal. As we spoke we realized all of us were the only ones in our respective resorts. Hmmm, Assam school holidays start from June, that could be one reason.

However, I would say these places are still so virgin in Assam that even Assamese from big cities don’t visit here often. I found Assam to be quite eco friendly. What you see is never-ending green fields, brown houses made of natural stuff, bamboo barricades, village life, and simplicity.

Assam greenfields by Travel Jaunts

Assam greenfields by Travel Jaunts

My son loved elephant safari as you get really close to wildlife. We saw many Rhinos. The wondering rhinos, the curious rhinos, the fighting rhinos and then there was a mother rhino with her baby rhino who were the only shy ones.

Wondering Rhinos at Pobitora by Travel Jaunts


Pobitora rhinosby Travel Jaunts

Mother Rhino with her baby in Pobitora

All of us on elephants literally attacked Rhinos with our cameras from all sides.

Elephant safari in Pobitora by Travel Jaunts

Elephant safari in Pobitora by Travel Jaunts

For us, Assam was about Rhinos at that moment and we had to capture the essence of the trip.

Booking Safari at Pobitora

You have both the options, jeep safari as well as elephant safari. Elephant safari in the morning is good enough to see the sea of Rhinos doing all sorts of activities.

No need to book before hand. Once you reach you can always book or ask your hotel to do the same for you. As of now it is Rs1500 for Jeep safari and Rs 450 each person for elephant safari.

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