Travel tips for families

There is nothing more exciting and invigorating than taking that dream vacation with the family, especially if there are young children in the group. Still, it is quite a different ballgame than travelling alone or in same age groups. Let us try and find the important tips that can come handy while travelling with families

1) Travel Extremely Light: A tough call, but it’s important not to carry things that are not necessary while travelling in a family. You don’t want to drag that entire luggage with you if travelling to different destinations in the same trip.

2) Book accommodations wisely: Ensure to book apartments rather than hotel rooms as far as possible. The different age groups in the family mean that every one might not like to sleep at the same time.

3) Prepare to be surprised: Easier said than done, but be prepared that when travelling with family things will be out of your control some times, there can be missed trains/buses, lost belongings, frowning kids. Be prepared to take it in your stride without getting frustrated.

4) No More Idiot Box: One of the joys of travelling in a family is to bond and spend quality time together. Encourage the minimal use of Laptops or Televisions. Start with yourself.

5) Buy Groceries: It is a good idea to buy groceries and if possible to do a bit of cooking too, it can save a lot of money and keep everyone happy and is definitely mush healthier.

6) Have things to keep kids busy: There can be some long journeys. Cranky kids can spoil the pleasure of journey way faster than you think. Keep something like toys / books etc handy to keep kids busy.

7) Take Pictures: These days of togetherness will be cherished by you for years. Do make it a point to take a lot of pictures. Don’t hurry up. Relax, enjoy and take it easy.

8) Choose the destination wisely: Appreciate that some tourists destinations are more family travel friendly than others. There is no point in going to a place and not being able to enjoy it due to age /fitness restrictions.

9) Always keep medical prescriptions: It is worthwhile to carry all medical prescriptions and some commonly used medicines, especially if travelling with kids. It can be quite daunting to find a doctor that speaks your language in a foreign country, if some common ailment occurs.

10) Discuss the itinerary: It is a good idea to plan the itinerary together so as to include the interest areas of all members of the family. Be open and fair, there’s nothing worse than a disinterested family member on a tour…

11) Interact with the local communities: Encourage the members of the family, especially children to interact with the local communities and get a first hand taste of the local culture, food etc…

12) Slow Down: Understand and appreciate that it is a family vacation and doesn’t need a crammed up itinerary. Enjoying the company of each other is as important as enjoying the sights and experiences of the destination. Slow down, relax and enjoy the vacation as a family.

13) Set a Budget: Expenses can quickly get out of hand when travelling with family. A little indulgence here and a little stubborn shopping there can play havoc with your allowances. Having a daily budget and sticking to it is a good idea while on a vacation with the family.

14) Have an Open Mind: Travels are for new experiences, seeing and admiring different cultures, communities and people. Do have an open mind to have a much more enriching and fulfilling experience.

15) Enjoy the “Freedom”: Some sights and experiences are charged in some destinations while many are free. The togetherness of family can enhance the pleasure of free activities unlike when travelling solo where seeing things is the objective. Indulge in the free activities as a family as much as possible.

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