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Traveling by Train India

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From here to anywhere in my train…

I envy my son for the exposure he gets .He wakes up to the background melodies of running trains!! Trains??
In Pachmarhi (Satpura ki rani hindustan ke dil mein), my birthplace.. a helicopter could come but no train 🙁

Pachmarhi, the hill station in MP India

Pachmarhi, the hill station in MP India – Travel Jaunts

Traveling by train for the first time

Though, I shall always be indebted to Indian airlines for arranging my last minute travel to Udaipur so that I could attend my own wedding with a nut of ‘Indian Goswami’ species, my fascination for train travel dates back to my childhood in Pachmarhi. Two things would disturb me during my act of study there. ‘Guddi Baby aam leke aaya hoon’ and the cuckoo which would sing at my window to tell me; holidays, mamaji ka ghar and train reservation.
Did take my husband to Pachmarhi and we traveled by the same Amarkantak train from Durg to Pipariya. Pipariya, the nearest rail-head for Pachmarhi and my metro city of those times. So many shops and a RAILWAY STATION! Had my first lesson of independence and the moment of pride at the age of 10 when I traveled alone to Pipariya railway station for reservations.
Pipariya Railway Station - Travel Jaunts

                    Pipariya Railway station in those days- Travel Jaunts

At 20, Bombay brought my love for trains and stations from heart to the skin.There were not just outgoing trains but local trains too. Wow !
Also, my rendezvous with the first ever modern railway platforms of India. But despite my ocean deep respect for railways, due to my train crazy anxiety’s application of projectile motion to my stupidity, I had forgotten to purchase the Nerul to Vashi ticket only to get caught by a ticket checker. And all of this in front of the one, I had crush on ! Uff 🙂 Anyway all said and done, it is the local train where lies the spirit of Bombay, the story of the daily traveler, the marathi manus and the smell of seafish.

Budget travel options- Travel Jaunts

                                Vashi railway station, Mumbai – Travel Jaunts

Then came the toy train of Ooty, the skytrain of Bangkokhill train of Penang and underground, upper ground trains of Europe (Raileurope) in my life. I just need to practice a bit more to continuously look at the same scientist from Sheffield throughout my underground travel from Paris to London, otherwise the hygiene, the comfort levels, the sophistication and the surrounding beauty do make one become an ardent fan of train travel, in Europe.

Traveling by train Europe- Travel Jaunts

                                                                                      Trip to Zermatt, Switzerland – Travel Jaunts

Train Travel India

Indian railway story is amusing too .The people,the bookstalls, the emotions and the FOOD with the FLIES. Even with my parents’ level of ‘hygiene quotient’ I never had any stomach infection then, the best immunization that the platform food provides. Ironically, it was the ‘palak pakoda chat’ of Taj Indore which had invaded my stomach first. For the best quality immunization, I can think of Gurgaon platform during summers, on my journey to Rajasthan.

Unfortunately the encounter with my son’s pediatric who finds trains extremely infectious, has encouraged the hypochondriac in me now .

Railway platform, India - Travel Jaunts

                     Chai pani on Indian railway platform – TravelJaunts

Railway Stations are where I have let my thought kytoons go beyond the sky, courtesy Indian train timings. They are, where i have screamed to the best of my vocal chord’s ability in the name of songs with school friends. Trains are where I’ve met the helpers, the advisers, the cockroaches, also the ones who read murder mystery when am the only one sitting across in AC 2nd Class of ‘Sampark Kranti’.

And then, there comes the railway track where I have fallen with a schoolmate who tried to pull me up to get on to the platform. Detest boys who can’t manage the girl’s weight:-)  Platforms are also the places where I’ve been practicing to beat Preeja Sreedharan since last 1 year.

Railway Platform

                                                     Trying to catch hold of my son at the platform-Travel Jaunts

Travel experience would be drab & crude if one hasn’t felt the love behind the emotional drama at the platforms, tasted the aroma of ‘nibu da achhar’ that comes from food when opened by the ‘10 children family’ and  seen the sunrise through the window of an indian train.
In love with my ‘Trainy identity’. Signing off
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