Travel Jaunts Tours: Travel more, travel far and travel within


What do we offer?

Small group tours in India– Unique small group tours (like Women only travel, Mother with kid group, father with child bonding trip, India for first timers etc) to various destinations and regions within India.

Custom private tours in India and abroad – If interested in private experience for your group of friends, family or colleagues , please get in touch, we can start customizing the experience based on your group’s likes, dislikes, and budget.  Rest assured, you would find incredible value in the private tours offered by us.

International travel packages– Interested in destinations around the world? Get in touch, we can help you with custom itinerary and better value travel packages. We also offer EMI options so just let us know your dream destination and we shall make it a reality for you.


Why travel Jaunts tours, how can we help you?

When we say we want to help people travel more, travel far, and travel within, we really mean it!

A lot of people have asked us how is it possible to travel so often given the work commitments and family responsibilities.

Our reply to this is we encourage various travel styles within the family, meaning you don’t have to necessarily wait for everyone and everything to fall into place to start traveling more.

If you love traveling, start taking all kinds of trips  – Women only travel, Mother and kid travel, Father and child bonding trips, besides the usual couple and family travel.

The problem, especially in India, is either women look up to their spouse to go out for a holiday or they don’t dare to step out with their children taking the sole responsibility themselves.

Senior citizens look up to their busy children to take them out for a vacation. For a single elderly parent in the family, there arises the problem of sharing room/accommodation cost even if they are ready to travel on their own.

And above all this, many people travel only when everyone in the family can travel. Do we get to hear father and child bonding trips even though each relationship in the family needs regular nourishment?


We want to help you break out of all such hindrances and start exploring different places, different experiences, meet difference people and broaden your perspective.

Here’s how …

If there is a single elderly parent in the family who can’t travel on her own and needs a companion

If there is women wanting to join other women travel buddies on an adventure

If there is a mother wanting to take her kids for a vacation without her spouse

If there is a father wanting to go on bonding trips with his children

And if you are coming to India from other countries and want someone to show you this beautiful country. Let us show you India we know and love! Join us on some of the epic journeys in India.

Please travel with us!  We promise to make it a fulfilling experience which you are sure to love it.


Benefits – Travel Jaunts Group Tours 

  1. Small groups – 10-12 in number (specific groups so you gel well with your travel buddies)
  2. Theme and activity-based travel
  3. We take the headache of travel planning for you.
  4. We are well versed in English and Hindi both.
  5. We aim to create travelers and not tourists. Laid back itinerary, no big busses, experiential travel.


Upcoming group travel opportunities 

All Women Tours


Lahaul Spiti- Aug 12th- Aug 19th

Dubai- Aug 15th-Aug 18th

Bhutan-01 Sept-08 Sept

Leh Ladakh- 7th Sept-13th Sept

Arunachal- Sept 1st -Sept 9th

Egypt- 1st Sept- 8th Sept

Darjeeling Sikkim -Oct 12th-22nd Oct

Krabi Phuket- Nov 2nd- Nov 6th

Andaman – Oct 12th- Oct 16th

Bali-Nov 21st- Nov 24th

Kindly fill the booking form here-

Mother with Kids tour


Pench – Nov 2nd – 6th

Rajasthan – Oct 12th- Oct 18th

Questions? Send us a quick email and we would be happy to reply right away.

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