Top 10 nightlife destinations in India

Are you a party animal and love to enjoy nightlife teeming with fun, joy and excitement? Then don’t miss a chance to visit these places, where such opportunities galore. Nightlife is a very popular concept at these wonderful tourist destinations of India.

Best nightlife destinations in India for party animals – India nightlife 

India nightlife by Travel Jaunts

India nightlife by Travel Jaunts


Plan a Goa tour and let yourself loose in its nightlife. As the day draws to a close the party venues start glowing with lights. There are several night clubs, bars and discotheques in Goa. Goa also has several Casinos which are an important part of the nightlife here.  There is a plethora of bars in Goa that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From live gigs and visiting international acts, to beer-chugging bars, dizzying clubs and open-air terraces; keeping your evenings busy in the city is easy.

  • How to reach? Without wasting any time, you can land at Dabolim Airport. After that you can hire a cab to reach any club or bar.
  • Best time to go? The best time for a party cruise would be in the evenings especially New Year’s eve.


The city of Mumbai never sleeps. There are dozens of hotspots around the city. Each strums with Western music, techno, jazz, rock and contemporary Hindi songs. Mumbai always provides sparkling activities along with its tempting neon lights that satisfy teens and adults alike. The nightlife in Mumbai can offer some of the realm’s major party assets a good run for their cash. From low-cost drinking hovels and dimly-lit lounges, to special dance clubs and sophisticated bars—the metropolitan has it all.

  • How to reach? To explore all clubs, bars, and lounges in the city, you have a wide array of conveyance services available in Mumbai. All you need to do is enter the city by taking a train to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
  • Best time to go? The city never sleeps! You can relish all dazzling activities at nights 


Delhi- the capital city of the country dazzles with the life in the night. The crowd of Delhi is the most happening crowd of the entire country. There are number of bars and clubs where one can easily get. There are many such lounge bars that are getting popular in Delhi. Thus, whether you are looking for a loud night out or want something low-key, Delhi has something for everyone. Party animals will find numerous exciting nightclubs in Delhi, which promise exclusive swish parties and DJ nights.

  • How to reach? You can land at Indira Gandhi International airport or take a train to Delhi Junction to reach Delhi. After you enter the city, you can get access to any means of transport including bus, cab, auto-rickshaw, etc.
  • Best time to go? Usually the nightlife in Delhi starts at around nine or after nine.


An out-and-out party destination for the young and the restless, the city of Bangalore, is one city that is the epitome of hustle and bustle. Known as the Pub Capital of India, the nightlife of Bangalore can definitely be described as shaken and not stirred. Previously, Bengaluru had a deadline of 11.30 PM. Now it has been extended to 1.00 AM now. Bengaluru’s New Year parade is one of the most famous in the country.

  • How to reach? You can reach to the city via train to Bangalore Railway Station. Reaching the city, you can pick a taxi according to your needs.
  • Best time to go? All clubs, bars and pubs are wide open in evenings till the wee hours in the morning.


The city of Pune is a living society, where solid ethnic roots join with cleaned advanced viewpoint. Aside from its societal and hey tech splendor, Pune boasts of a pleasant nightlife. This is flecked with evergreen cosmopolitan society and lively shades of the style world. Pune is only one of the hardly any cities in India that permits Pubs to be vulnerable till late-night, prolonging till 4 a.m. in the daybreak.

  • How to reach? To experience it here, keep a tab on the flights to Pune rates. In Pune, you can hire a cab from the railway station.
  • Best time to go? There is not particular peak season or happening season with regard to nightlife in Pune. You can party all night long! 



If spoken about nightlife in Chandigarh, you will witness that Chandigarh has a very contemporary nightlife. Choose any of Rendezvous Bar and Nightclub or Blues, two of the most happening nightlife hubs of the city. Of course there are other night clubs, pubs, and bars as well. There is no doubt that this is one of the safest towns in India for females, twosomes and families to delight in till late-night. I can promise here you’ll find fabulous and welcoming crowd with whom you can enjoy without any restraint

  • How to reach? Once you are done with visiting the attractions during the day, you can look forward towards a scintillating nightlife in Chandigarh. Just book a cab and move to your preferred Nightclub or bar. 
  • Best time to go? The city glares with fun at night! Therefore, that is the ultimate time.


Juicy preparations, premium wines and everything else in between! An exceptional adventure awaits you in Kolkata. So, get set to have an experience of a lifetime when you plan to visit this delightful city. There are numerous bars in bistros around Park Street, decent for a small number of drinks although in somewhat boozy all-male atmospheres, and a few chic clubs in high-class hotels, but little in between. Best nightclubs have a blend of music flairs, with deviations of disco, Hindi pop, hip hop, rejigged bhangras and a lot more.

  • How to reach? Kolkata railway station previously recognized as Chitpur Station is the latest of the four intercity railway stations serving Howrah and Kolkata. Buses, taxis, cabs, etc. are easily available after you enter the city.
  • Best time to go? You can steal some dynamic moments at night in these clubs, pubs and bars.



Jaipur is not concerned in a very energetic night life like other worldwide cities. People generally get pleasure from quiet evenings by listening music. Puppet shows and customary dances are exhibitors of Rajasthan’s rich heritage. When it comes to the bars and pubs, the place devours some of the very comfy and magnificent bars and pubs which add zest to the nightspots in Jaipur. Along with, you can adore exhilarating shows by the Puppeteers, Bhopa-Bhopi at Rajputana Palace Sheraton, Kalbelia Performers and Bhopa-Bhopi at Rajputana Palace Sheraton, snoop to the music groups frolicking at Ram Niwas Bagh.

  • How to reach? Sanganer airport is the nearest airport to the city of Jaipur. After that, you would require hiring a cab to your preferred club. 
  • Best time to go? You can have a have a rich and vibrant experience in the evenings. 


You can witness an impelling and sparkling nightlife at this place. The city has lots of nightclubs and bars with brash music. The disco scenes here endure to amuse its guests till dawn. Locals and overseas explorers in Hyderabad similarly will relish the lively entertainment sight – most will promise for clubs and pubs in the newest spots in zones such as Banjara Hills, Begumpet and Somajiguda where live melody, adept bartenders and a luxurious feast of native delicacies and appetizers can be demanded.

  • How to reach? The Rajiv Gandhi International terminal, Hyderabad’s airdrome is well-linked with main cities through the globe. Coming out of the airport, you can hire a taxi.
  • Best time to go? Unwind, rock on and party hard at evenings and you will have the best time, indeed! Hyderabad dazzles with energy all through the year at night.


Nightlife in Chennai is full of buzz; you can opt going to the various pubs, clubs, and bars. Over time, the city has evolved into a true cosmopolitan metropolis. The place enables city inhabitants and visitors with entertainment choices. There are some energetic nightclubs, various at 5-star hotels, though nothing fairly on the rule of Mumbai, Bengaluru or Delhi.

  • How to reach? After reaching Chennai Egmore, i.e., Chennai’s Railway station, you can hire a cab or take a bus or auto-rickshaw.
  • Best time to go? Most of these centers of nightlife in Chennai are shut down by mid-night with counted few opening well past mid-night.

Do parties push your adrenaline level into high gear? If yes, then these places offer an enchanting experience to you.

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