Top 10 honeymoon destinations in Europe

Honeymoon in Europe was once the privilege of the rich and the famous, particularly if they were non-Europeans as it was believed that a European honeymoon always spelled class however with changing times and improving incomes many couples today are opting for European locations as their honeymoon destination. So, if both your fortune and pocket permit, here are the top 10 honeymoon locations for you to choose from in order to have the time of your life.

Best honeymoon destinations in Europe- Couple Travel

Santorini, Greece

SantoriniSantorini forever beckons with its colorful beaches. The red and black sands are unique to Santorini only and make your visit truly and really memorable. Then there are some archaeological delights like the Ancient Akrotiri which will take you back a few thousand years. Hand in hand, climb the stairs leading to the great historic city, Manolas located in Thirassia. You will simply be stunned at the view of a caldera, a pool brilliant turquoise colored water, serving as a nucleus for this archipelago’s isles.

Take a daily cruise to the nearby islands and it takes about seven days – the right period for a honeymoon – to drink in Santorini to the full and enjoy the Cyclades to your heart’s content. The island’s stately churches, Thira island and the two major towns, Oia and Fira are where you need to stay. For honeymooners especially, the quiet islands of Nea Kameni, Aspronisi, Palaia Kameni and real havens of peace and solitude.

 Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy

Visiting Venice on your honeymoon is walking through romance. As church bells toll, the beribboned gondoliers churn their oars, glass chandeliers twinkle in the evenings, the sharp aroma of coffee fills the air and twisting streets all of a sudden turn onto sunny market squares, the Venetian romance is almost palpable. The grand piazzas and shimmering waterways sure breathe an ancient grandeur that honeymooners love. Cuddle up to each other as you take the famous canal tours on a gondola; walk down Piazza San Marco with its pigeon flocks and street entertainers and visit Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale.

Walk across the Bridge of Sighs or simply lose yourself in the city’s numerous labyrinthine streets where you get some of the best Carnevale masks, candy and marbled paper. Take Vaporetto rides across Venice’s Grand Canal and gorge on some of the best European seafood while sipping a Bellini. Shop to your heart’s content at the Ponte di Rialto marketplace, or buy the world famous glass artifacts at Murano and some terrific lace at Burano, unique for its candy-colored buildings.

Budapest, Hungary

BudapestHungary’s capital, Budapest is where you could find and/or enjoy romance at some very reasonable prices. The city is built on the famous River Danube and is gradually becoming a hot spot for tourists because of its historical charm. Its Chain Bridge, built in the 19th-century connects Buda district, the hilly area with the flat Pest. Use the funicular running up Castle Hill to visit Old Town, where Budapest’s History Museum is located.

It traces the city’s evolution from the Roman period. Visit the Matthias Church built in the 13th Century on Trinity Square as also the Fishermen’s Bastion turrets for a grand view of the city.

Paris, France

Paris- Mytraveljaunts

Paris, France

Romance for honeymooners comes as easily to Paris as its wines and fresh croissants. As you stroll on the banks of the River Seine, you are actually walking through time and the ages gone by. Make sure to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Sacre Coeur basilica, Arc de Triomphe, Montparnasse’s once-bohemian cafes where the leading intellectuals of the 19th and 20th centuries got together to create history, Louvre museum with its enormous collection of art, the Orsay museum, and the Eiffel Tower, of course.

Linger over a glass of wine or pain au chocolat at any of the numerous sidewalk cafés and experience the ideal combination of life and leisure at its peak. Dine at a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower under a starlit sky and enjoy the globally famous Parisian cuisine. Catch a show together at the Lido or Moulin Rouge nightclubs and enjoy the complimentary champagne. Paris will never cease to amaze and entertain you.

Cote d’Azur, France

Cote d'Azur, France by Travel Jaunts

Cote d’Azur, France by Travel Jaunts

For sheer romance on your honeymoon, Cote d’Azur or the French Riviera is where you should be. With its azure blue waters, grand beaches, breathtaking sunsets and gourmet cuisine, Cote d’Azur guarantees the perfect honeymoon. Luxury hotels abound as do boutique hotels to suit all budgets. You can have anything from private beaches, solariums, outdoor and indoor swimming pools and sand-bottomed lagoons to waterfalls and hot tubs that will rejuvenate you no end. The area’s nightlife too is great and so’s the food. Enjoy to the hilt!

Prague, Czech Republic



The romance of Prague lies in its antiquity and architecture. Known as the city of Franz Kafka, Prague has a culture steeped in history and an inevitable charm of its own. Winter visits are more advisable because of fewer tourists and you can almost have the city to yourself. Walk on its numerous bridges, sip its special muddled wine and feel the Christmas charm in every possible way. The Prague Castle belonging to the Ninth century, numerous synagogues and the  Jewish Quarter cemetery are must-visits. Enjoy Prague’s plentiful and diverse nightlife while visiting trendy clubs, grand wine bars, and late-night cellars.

Amsterdam, Netherlands



The Dutch capital of  Amsterdam exudes a romance unmatched by many other cities of Europe. The city is famous for its laid back and relaxed culture where time waits for you. Walk hand in hand along its quaint cobblestone streets and tuck into some delicious pancakes and French fries. Enjoy the Heineken Beer tours as also the famous Canal Tours. In case you are a bicycle freak, rent one and pedal away together. The Tropen Museum and the Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most illustrious park are must visits. Or for a grand romantic experience, take a houseboat on rent and live in them to let the city’s romantic environment actually sink in and to experience actual canal life. Truly enjoyable!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque terre town Italy by Travel Jaunts

Cinque terre town Italy by Travel Jaunts

Italy’s Cinque Terre is the country’s hidden gem for honeymooners. It offers numerous hillside towns, sun-soaked vineyards, grand virgin beaches, fantastic restaurants, hiking trails as also facilities for water sports enthusiasts. Get a taste of Cinque Terre’s burgeoning fishing and grape farming growing. The sheer seclusion of the place will give you a sense of total calm and peace that honeymooners so desire. Go hiking on the Love Walk or simply kill time at the wine bars, shops & honey-glazed gelato spots. Explore, swim, eat and/or swim. That’s what Cinque Terre is all about.

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland , Dublin by Travel Jaunts

Ireland , Dublin by Travel Jaunts

When it comes to Dublin, honeymooners have the option of staying in luxury Irish castles or countryside cottages as they enjoy Dublin’s craic or marvel at Emerald Isle’s sheer natural beauty. Dublin, the city of James Joyce is famous for its Irish hospitality and warmth and is only a stone’s throw from an evocative landscape dotted with glens that are filled with sweeping lakes, sandy and secluded beaches as also winding roads that lead to an emerald green countryside. Be it fairytale castles, quaint country cottages or even an island which shall be all yours only during your honeymoon, Ireland has it all. It’s surely a choice you’ll never regret.

 Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca SpainIt’s intoxicating beauty surely enthralls honeymooners. The crystal clear and blue waters, sweeping bays, towering mountains and jutting cliffs of Mallorca make it a honeymooner’s paradise. Ideal for relaxing after all the wedding craziness. Spend your time at Deia, the charming mountain village and walk around hand in hand to see the marvelous buildings and surrounding towns. Visit the numerous olive groves or take Vespa excursions to the gorgeous beaches.

The deserted paradise called Es Carbó Beach is a must visit as are Porto Cristo’s Cuevas del Drach, known for its brilliant lighting that illuminates its limestone formations in the caves. Enjoy the live classical concert there by local musicians or take the boat ride to see the lake’s underground caverns. Quite a magical mystery tour, wouldn’t you say?

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