Top 10 far from madding crowd places in India

Every once in a while we need a break. We just need to get away from the monotonous routine of everyday life. Forget all commitments and challenges that tuck you! Move to a place where no one could find you! These secluded getaways are the perfect dream vacation for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Far from madding crowd places in India – Offbeat places in India

Munsiyaari, Uttarakhand

Munsiyari by Travel Jaunts

                                               Munsiyari by Travel Jaunts (Photo credits- Happy Trips)

The name itself means – a place for snow. The place is attractive to tourists and glacier enthusiasts who love to spend their holidays in such a pleasing climate. Being a trekker’s paradise, you can bond while bird watching and enjoying the wildlife view of the Himalayan ranges.

  • How to reach? If you are roving by open transport, you may hire a bus from Anand Vihar ISBT to Almora and then a different bus to Munsiyari.
  • When to go? Best time to go is March to June and September to October

Khajuraho, MP


Khajuraho, India

The Khajuraho temples are the matchless temple architecture of India. These divine temples are magnificent, sensual and erotic. They are eventual merger of mankind with the ultimate influence. These temples represent the expression of a highly matured civilization of ancient India.

  • How to reach? Khajuraho Airport is the adjacent airport. You can get taxicab or a Jeep to touch the terminus of the place.
  • When to go? March to June

 Tawang, Arunachal

Tawang (courtesy

Tawang (courtesy

This is as close as you can get to Tibet while still being in India. Tourists require a special pass to visit Tawang, but it is every bit worth the hassle. The Sela Pass offers an unparalleled view. Also, don’t forget to visit the Tawang Monastery

  • How to reach? Tezpur Airport is the nearest airport.  Tezpur is the main rail head nearby to Tawang.
  • When to go? March to October

  Panchmarhi, MP

PachmarhiThis place is known as the – Queen of Satpura, for its exotic natural panoramic and spectacular scenic beauty. Pachmarhi is bound by the lush green forests, ravines and rugged hills. You can witness several tranquil pools and waterfalls here.

  • How to reach? Pipariya is the nearby terminus located at a distance of 50 plus km away from Pachmarhi.
  • When to go? October to June

 Corbett/ Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park has been a sought after destination for eco-tourist and wildlife lovers. It was named after the hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett. The Park is well-known for its selected areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve.

  • How to reach? Ramnagar is the single adjacent railway station to Jim Corbett National Park. A nonstop train to Ramnagar tracks from Delhi.
  • When to go? The park remains open to tourists during November-June.

Dalhousie, HP

DalhousieLocated ideally on five hills in the enchanting state of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is a big hit with tourists. Dalhousie offers lush green vegetation and majestic views of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Khajjiar is a trivial settlement, very close to Dalhousie is also recognized as the ‘Mini Switzerland’ or the ‘Switzerland of India’.

  • How to reach? No airport! Nearby railway station is Pathankot.
  • When to go? May to September is the crowning tourist period in Dalhousie.


Lakshadweep (courtesy:

Lakshadweep (courtesy:

Welcome to Lakshadweep! You would love this exotic island with turquoise blue water, covered with palm and dazzling white sand. Lagoon fishing or kite surfing can be the dead-on doings for you here. Shopping here can be a talent due to absence of any shopping mall or big shops.

  • How to reach? Agatti is the only airport in Lakshadweep. Helicopter relocation is obtainable from Agatti to Kavaratti all through the year.
  • When to go? December to May marks the striking season.

 Bijapur Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi by Travel Jaunts

Hampi by Travel Jaunts

The city of Hampi is known as the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire. It is prevalent with ancient magnetisms such as Gol Gumbaz and Asar Mahal. Bijapur is a protuberant vacationer destination in Karnataka. Bijapur has an ironic legacy and has primitive shrines scattered all over the city. You can ejoy a lot of sightseeing.

  • How to reach? Bijapur railway station is fairly 2 km from the city where you can catch various trains to diverse places. Rails are well connected with other towns.
  • When to go? The beauty of the place will be at its best between Octobers to March.

 Sunderbans, Kolkata

The Sunderbans Tiger Reserve and National Park are the flourishing mangroves. These are like an undiscovered heaven on earth, where you can find many endangered species of animals such as tigers and turtles.

  • How to reach? Canning is the nearest railhead. From Canning visitors can take vessels to move to the landmass of the Sunderbans.
  • When to go? October-March

Hemis National Park, Ladakh

Snow leopard at Hemis National Park by Travel Jaunts

Snow leopard at Hemis National Park by Travel Jaunts

Snow Leopards manage to strike mystery amongst the onlookers. As snow leopard is predator of the heights, you can easily spot it at Hemis National Park. It is highly commendable for the conservation and protection of distinctive flora and fauna.

  • How to reach? The adjacent airport is Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, situated in Leh district. From the airport, one can avail a taxi to travel to Hemis.
  • When to go? Best time to visit the park is mid- June to Mid- October but best wildlife sightings are in winter.

These striking sites with splendid sunsets and shiny moonlit nights will help you to enhance the appeal of opening a new episode in your life.

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