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Solo Traveler

An awful lot, most of it unverified, some of it is hearsay and all of it without putting things into relative context is said about the (unfounded) difficulties in travelling alone. .As somebody who has traveled all over the world and throughout the country, many times as a solo traveler, other times when the journey started as a solo traveler but ended up as an intense experience of camaraderie and bonhomie, I can tell you with some confidence that travelling solo is one of the most intense and fulfilling travel experiences anybody can have. I will try and enumerate a few tips for the traveler who is planning on going solo:

1) Plan. Plan. Plan. Try and find more and more information on the place you are going to visit. Plan your stay locations and travel itinerary also if possible. Unexpected Things will happen but one should have planned well.

2) Mix with the Locals: Try and have a connection with the locals. They can help you in lots of ways, at the same time enriching your overall tourist experience.

3) Go on Organised Tours: Travelling alone can get boring at times. Make it a point to sign up some of the recommended group excursions to meet new people and see different perspectives.

4) Take precautions: There is so substitute to common wisdom. Observe and be attentive. Most people are friendly and nice and welcoming. Some are not

5) Learn to take your own Pictures: It will not always be possible to find someone to click you. Do practice taking pictures by yourself. Perhaps invest in a gadget that does it easily too.

6) Travel Light: If you’re travelling alone, ensure that you carry minimum baggage, you can always buy things at destination, travelling with heavy luggage will hinder your free movement.

7) Pack a nice read: Since you’ll be travelling alone with not many to talk too, catch up on your reading. Carry a nice book or two in your backpack.

8) Be aware of the customs and cultures: It’s a good idea to be sensitive to the cultures, customs and traditions of the place you are visiting so as to not accidently offend anyone.

9) Stay Connected: Stay connected with the friends and family back home. At least one person should always know your whereabouts, just in case.

10) Be Adventurous: Since you’re alone and have no one to confirm to, do things that push you out of your comfort zone. A hike / a sail / a swim, do what you’ve always wanted to do.

11) Keep Your Documents Safe: Always ensure that all the important documents such as the passport, flight tickets etc are well secured and safe. Can be a lot of unwanted trouble if you manage to misplace any of those things.

12) Eat Local: Try and experience the local cuisine, but ensure what to expect to avoid any surprises.

13) Be open: A lot of new experiences, especially with no one to share those to, can turn out to be quite underwhelming the first time around. Be accommodative and open to such experiences.

14) Enjoy Your Own Company: One of the reasons you chose to travel alone was because you wanted to have some alone, personal time travelling. Do not let that get diluted by socializing too much.

15) Don’t Get Drunk: It’s very important to go slow on intoxicants while having a good time travelling alone. Drunken people are easy and tempting targets for the bad folks out there.

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