Things to do in Bangalore on weekend

Bangalore through my eyes—Explore the garden city

29th June 2001, my first step in Bangalore and first ever in south India. My uncle’s friend dropped me to Basavangudi , ING staff training hostel  ,a day before the training to commence. Still remember , it was raining that evening ,found Bangalore quite romantic .Its been 11 years since then…neither I left the city nor did the city allow me to leave.
 Bangalore to me has been evening rains,


Evening rains at Hebbal flyover through my car windscreen,Bangalore India

Roads with huge trees on both sides with dash of orange bloom 


One of my favourite roads near IISC,Bangalore India

Sankey tank Bangalore India

12 noon shade at road near Sankey tank Bangalore India

Morning walk in Parks

Cubbon park Bangalore India

Cubbon park Bangalore India

Evening stroll by the Lakeside 
SUnset at Sankey tank, Bangalore India

Evening sunset view at Sankey tank, Bangalore India

Sankey tank

Sankey tank

Beautiful churches ,

St. Mary’s Basilica: Bangalore india

St. Mary’s Basilica: The oldest church in Bangalore india

Hudson church Bangalore,India

Hudson church Bangalore,India

St Andrew’s church,Bangalore

St Andrew’s church


St Marks Cathedral

St Marks Cathedral

Nariyal pani ,

Green coconuts(Daab in bengali)

Green coconuts(Daab in bengali)

and Shanti sagars and Shiv sagars
even though the so called developmental works in last 10 yrs have changed  the face of B’lore beyond recognition.

Alone in Bangalore?? This is what you can do

Last weekend , my husband  was out on an official trip and the only relative in Bangalore, my sister , on her way to a month long trip in Europe . I was  alone in Bangalore with my all time company mum and kid. So I decided to get out of home and become a tourist in my own city for the weekend. Unfortunately I hadn’t even seen the bull temple in Basavangudi , a popular tourist spot , until last Sunday.
Bull temple at Basavangudi, Bangalore

Bull temple at Basavangudi, Bangalore-Travel Jaunts

Visited Bangalore Palace too for the first time on Saturday. Also, I was a little guilty , “ Whats the point in traveling all the way to Paris to see Louvre or to Amsterdam to see Van gogh museum if one hasn’t even explored the art gallaries within the city.” My agenda , this weekend was to visit Modern art gallery and Venkatappa art gallery. I realized these are great places to take kids too for their early exposure to artworks.


Modern Art Gallery on Palace Road Bangalore , India

The same evening I went to Iskon temple and Orion mall ,the new mall in Bangalore with a Lake.If there were two people in the whole art gallery,there were four per square inch of the mall inside 🙂 Anyway…here is a panoramic view.Sunday, I started early morning to see the roads without vehicles & Bangaloreans and have breakfast at Koshys only to experience the flash back city moments. I was able to see  the spring on trees , attend the Sunday mass at churches and wonder at one of the paintings by Mr Venkatappa. It really looked like a photograph. The sculptors at venkatappa art gallery have made me plan my next trip to Belur & Halebid to see the hoysala style of art.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Orion mall Bangalore

From extreme left Orion Mall , Hotel Sheraton ,World trade centre , Brigade gateway and the man made lake at the centre

Why should you get up early on a weekend in Bangalore

Not bad no? Get up early in the morning on a weekend, take your camera  and start exploring your own city before it gets a little more unfamiliar. You never know you might just fall in love with your city all over again. I have,  because this time my eyes were not just set on roads while driving but also on the road side places  which made me stop by  and see the real Bangalore hidden behind  vehicles ,roads and skyscrapers . So, guys get set go……………..
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