Here is a list of our recommendations relevant to each section. We have either personally used these services or have found them equally good when compared to our choice of brand.They are the best and the most useful service/product providers based on our experience and that’s why they are here as part of the list. Before booking for any trip, kindly have a look at the links below to check out the latest deals available .

 Travel bookings


India’s leading online travel company.Its a one stop shop for most of your travel needs from airfare to hotels to trains to complete packages. We always go to makemytrip.com first whatever our requirement is whether its finding the cheap flights or hotel deals or package tours and then compare the options available in makemytrip with other options available on other sites.


The best site to check the reviews across all categories whether its a hotel or sightseeing or places to eat or things to do. Besides it also shows price comparison on various travel sites. We read the reviews, go through pictures uploaded by travelers , compare the prices and then make any decision to book.


Expedia is an American company to several global online travel brands including expedia.com, hotels.com, hotwire .com ,expedia.co.in and many more.It operates more than 100 branded points of sale in more than 60 countries with over hundreds of thousands of hotel partners worldwide and a comprehensive offering of flight inventory. Check their package deals and cruises and last mintue deals for sure.


In case you prefer to travel in groups, this specialist small group tour company is good. They have theme wise groups and accordingly the itineraries are designed.You’ll stay under the radar, travel the local way, eat the local way and sleep the local way.

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Bangalore based start up into weekend gateway tours ,adventure sports and camps.This site gives you all nearby options that one has based on your city location. For small trips, weekend gateways and unique experiences the site provides enough options to break the monotony of your routine.


Its a trekking community website. Their treks are mostly into himalayan region. If you would like to go trekking in India ,this is one of the best options. They have treks based duraton, based on the month and the season and based on the difficulty level. The costs are also very competitive.

Cheap Flights


Travelsite by Airfare experts . You can set up the airfare alerts. Check fares from a city, to a city. Flexible date search etc. They find lot of fares normally unadvertised everywhere else.Sign up for the deal alerts for sure.


Check out their search everywhere option that provides the cheapest airfares for any country ,any airport from your destination which means even if you are not planning to go the price may just inspire you to plan the travel 🙂 Besides you can sign up for their price alerts if you have already made up your mind about the destination.


This is only for search and not for booking. But you can get all the possible options from your destination before making any decision. After checking here, we normally end up using makemytrip for booking the flight and at times go the specific airline company to save a little more.


Booking accomodation


If you travel with the family, my first recommendation is to take a Club Mahindra membership in India. We have stayed in most kinds of hotels from top brands to basic ones. Please read our reviews here as to why should you take Club Mahindra Membership.


One of our all time favorites. We have extensively used this site to specifically to book apartments when traveling abroad. Best is you can make the reservation without paying anything in most cases.You have cheap non refundable fare options as well as refundable options.
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The flexibility that booking.com provides is great. There are member specific deals as well. Just one caution that you must read the terms and conditions very carefully since the conditions vary as per the supplier and many a times one has to pay separately for the child even if the extra bed is not asked for.


For good and less expensive accommodation alternative, this site is apt. It connects you with owners who rent out their homes/apartments/villas to you. When you want to save , it does make sense to stay with locals even if it is not the city center as long as the local transportation system of your destination city is good or you can hire a vehicle easily at cheaper rates.


Another good option for wallet friendly rates that fits your budget. They have blind booking system meaning you book based on the deal rate without knowing the name of the place. In india, we have OYO rooms based on the similar concept.


My sister who is primarily into backpacking introduced us to this concept.This travelsite lets you stay in people’s houses specifically spare rooms or couches for free. Great no?? Save money , stay with locals and attend meet ups /events at the city.


If you like to book homestays, stay and eat with locals, this is one option. Not many options in India though. However even the sites specific to homestays in India don’t have many options.


Great source for backpacking trips. No booking fees and has options in over 3500 destinations worldwide. The place for youth hostels and cheap hotels for all the backpackers out there.



One of the best ways to travel in Europe is by train, they go everywhere in Europe from cities to small towns. They are safe and clean and one of the fastest way to cover many places in shortest possible duration. Raileurope provides you with passes to travel within a country or a region. Do check their seasonal deals. You can buy the pass online or can contact travel agents like Thomascook who at times can give better discounts on the pass. Besides the rail pass you may also receive some deals and offers provided by their partners.


Places where planes can’t reach, trains don’t go or have odd timings, that where the only cheap travel option remains is bus and in India red bus is one option I know and use.


For self drive car rentals in India. You can drive on your own or even take a chauffeur if you prefer. Drawback is that it provides car rentals in major cities only as of now. You can take it anywhere ofcourse. Rentals by hour,days or months. And their prices do include the fuel charge.


Kayak is for both cheap airfares as well car rentals. They search hundreds of car rental website and guarantee lowest prices/deals in car rentals. They work with leading brands worldwide and there is free of charge amendment on car bookings if required.

Travel gear

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Great shop for all sports and travel accessories. For your next hiking trip, beach trip or any adventure,try decathlon once.We love their products, the quality and their prices.


This is the world’s one stop shop for various products at present. Value deals by suppliers and options from around the world.


For all kinds of bags, organizers and travel accessories.Dedicated site for backpacks, luggage and travel gear.


National geographic channel has been my primary source of jungle travel inspiration since childhood  and good part is they have an online store too. One can buy books, maps and travel clothing etc here.


Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world.For travel advice, travel tips, destination information and inspiration , it is worth to have a look at their guides.


Travel photography


I personally use Nikon DSLR camera. Still have the basic D5100 model and am happy with it till I have enough funds to buy a full frame .Their lenses are also of great quality.


Even though I have a Nikon camera but I know from my photography days that Canon DSLR is equally a good option. Moreover the lenses are comparatively cheaper when compared with Nikon lenses.


For renting lenses and photography equipments in India, check their website. They also conduct photography workshops and photography tours of that interests you.


Travel blogging resources


This was the platform which helped me begin my travel blogging journey. Free tool powered by google. It is a very popular platform with high trust ranking.You too can start your writing journey from here.


Wish to have your own website, wordpress is the option for  CMS, blogging tool and publishing platform.


Mythemeshop is the source for premium wordpress themes. I have used theme schema on this website. Their socially viral theme too is highly recommended.


Genesis framework based themes by studiopress are Speed and SEO optimized. The code is rock solid and they are highly recommended by most wordpress users.


Having used most hosting platforms , I am recommending bluehost for their good customer support. Godaddy has been my biggest nightmare, everyone in their support team comes up with a different solution to the problem. They keep checking everything with their admin team and you have to be on hold for hours.

I felt bluehost customer team is better and especially when the customer care executive is a woman at their end.


In India even hostgator is highly recommended by most developers. I have bought the domains from them. Do check their deals on hosting, I had missed one of those.Their pricing is good.

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