We haven’t sold everything to start traveling full time:-)

Unlike many full-time family bloggers, we need a permanent home to come back to, we want our child to go to a specific school & fulfill his dreams and we want to be with our parents in need.

Hence, we are pretty practical about travel. All we say is, you can continue to do your bit and still travel much more to enrich yourself. Like Marco Polo but family.


  • We help realize all kinds of travel styles within a family. Solo travel, single parent traveling with kid, traveling with parents, traveling as a couple leaving kids behind and traveling together as a large family.
  • We suggest looking at every weekend, holiday and occasion with a travel destination lens. This lens, truly enlarges your field of travel vision.
  • We believe in value for money travel – not cheap, not flashy but extreme value for the money you spend. Our travels have always been comfortable, relaxed, beautiful and no cutting corners.
  • Every recommendation is personal; 100% experienced and filtered to suit a family. None of our trips are sponsored / funded and we recommend what has been experienced than what has been written (barring only a few places in top 10 lists which are in our bucket list – and we are ticking them off fast)

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