Best places to visit in Kodaikanal

As per our home rule book,we necessarily should bunk work and go out of Bangalore on special days like birthdays 🙂 And this time, Sudeep insisted on exploring kodai wilderness . Kodaikanal is the place ,we had been to together ,way back in 2004 and the memories of our time there seemed some of the most indelible of our lives especially at the eighth year of our marriageJ,guess that was the reason for the second trip.

After all, have heard many times, ‘ life is nothing but a collection of memories and moments’ . And some moments you want to relive as and when. Interestingly, Kodaikanal is  also the only Indian hill station to be discovered by the Americans and not British.

Places of interest in Kodaikanal

First thing  I asked when I reached Hill country Kodai this time was, ‘tell me the most beautiful place to visit in Kodai ’.  ‘Berijam lake’ , out came the answer. Three days we waited for permission from forest officials but in vain. Wild elephants had decided to barge in there and stay put just to make sure that we make at least one more visit to Kodaikanal in future. We don’t mind that though.
Anyways…despite missing on Berijam lake visit, we still were on the upside and the ROI(return on investment) wasn’t bad. We did witness the misty woods engulfed in the eerie silence,
On the way to Dolphin’s nose at Kodaikanal

On the way to Dolphin’s nose at Kodaikanal

the tranquil lake around which cycling is fun,  (You can also peak into the roadside shops typical of tourist places while riding on the cycle & escape the sale at the same time)

Upper lake View in Kodaikanal

Upper lake View in Kodaikanal


pristine Kodai beauty on Coaker’s walk,


At Coaker’s Walk

At Coaker’s Walk

vibrant skies contrasting with the wild greenery making for some beautiful scenes,

kodai 5

kodai 4

the falls,

kodaikanal fall

the pine forests where our Indian heroes and heroins typically run around the trees and sing songs,

Pine Forest , Kodaikanal

Pine Forest , Kodaikanal


Looking above @ Pine forests ,Kodaikanal

the same blue church,

La sallete church in Kodaikanal

La sallete church in Kodaikanal


and the same bench where we have had our tea/coffee eight years back too.

kodai 10

All worth it.  Best part is that your legs & feet get to work after a long city slumber when you visit any hill station like Kodai. The uphill downhill roads, the lakeside, the mall road window shopping ,love it all. And thankfully life doesn’t remind you of time running by, every now and then.
After all, traveling does mean long walks, nature’s splendid beauty which works as an excellent eye tonic and food musings all along the tiring day 🙂 leaving everything else behind.
That reminds me of Tava restaurant there. Suggestions on trip advisor are not bad, hmmn. Had read about Tava there. Very small place but tasty north Indian food. Plus, Kodai has its name for fresh fruits and vegetables too. So no worry eat to your heart’s delight there.I did ,ofcourse !
Today (23rd Aug 2012) my holidays end and as I conclude my trip feeling rewarded for my time spent in kodaikanal, I’m already wishing… wishing to come here again to celebrate many more special days and years of togetherness 🙂
Kodai lake.

Cake cutting at Kodai lake.

Stay tuned till the next serving from my end !! ciao …

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