Kabini river lodge

This is a Jungle Lodges property, so it will come with some wildlife restrictions (no TV, little bit on the Spartan side of luxury etc.). Once you have mentally tuned yourself to this fact, then what follows is sheer bliss.

An amazingly well spread property, with colonial bungalows and well-spread tent yards along the Kabini River. It’s very satisfactory to drive through or walk around in this property and you do feel being a part of the Jungle. After you have spent 60 mins driving through hell (the last 12kms to this property from Nagarhole national park is a torture), you’ll find yourself even admiring the parking lot 🙂

We stayed in a tent and it was big, and very comfortable. The bathroom and the alcove were big enough to hide lot of luggage and the bed was so nice…all the tents had a good view of the river and a hammock outside to laze in. I’d say good job done for the rooms.

The food was limited options buffet, but well prepared, hygienic and easy. The ‘gol ghar’ attached had lot of stuff to read and look at. It also was the center point of ‘jeep safaris’ and ‘river safaris’. Your stay comes with complimentary safaris of both kinds and you can also trade one for the other.

The place does have an evening life after the last safari tucks you back into the resort by 6:30pm or so. They screen a nice wildlife movie at the bungalow and then the dinner goes on for some time – good occasion to have a nice social chit-chat with budding photographers, wild-life enthusiasts and the likes.

One word for the safaris – unlike other commercial ones, these guys do take time and give time to fulfill the objective – to see wildlife. They are not exactly time bound mercenaries which I found extremely awesome as character. They really are not here to mint money but make your tourism worthwhile.

Overall, a must stay location; though do consult your kids before you book 🙂

Room Tip: Look for rooms / tents near the Gol Ghar, to avoid walking / driving for some distance

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