Hotel Caravan Center, Leh

Stayed there for a week during my last year’s Leh trip.


1) Value for money – the amount you pay and ROI on that is super.

2) Good food – need not take any chances with Leh food here. Solid North Indian fare with great homemade feel.

3) Good room service, great pakodas served at the garden, excellent front desk to take care of your travel arrangements, and also get a doc to you in case you fall sick (which can happen in Leh).

Not so positive:

1) Near the airport, but not so near the Leh market – which is where the center of tourist gravity is. It’s definitely a 30 min walk or 300 bucks one way in a taxi. Shops also are atleast 10 mins walk away.

2) Very expressive staff – especially on the last day when expecting a tip is very evident. Maybe, they could be a bit subtle about it.

3) There is nothing else beyond TV. If you get bored when acclimatizing, you can at best watch TV or take 200 trips in the small vegetable garden below. Maybe, they could add a pool table and a few indoor things.

Room Tip: Look for suites. Can host up to 3 adults and are very spacious.

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