A Guide to Family Friendly Holidays in Latvia

Traveling with family is never easy! 

Unless you take your time to discover destinations that are as exciting for your kids as they are for you. 

There is a good chance that you have never even heard of Latvia. Or if you have, you most likely don’t know enough about it, to consider it as one of the best family-friendly destination in Europe. For some, it might even rank higher depending on what you enjoy the most.

And all you travel bloggers out there, know this! There is no reason to worry about working on the move. Coming across a situation when there is no internet connection is highly unlikely. Average connection speeds in Latvia rank as one of the best in the whole world.

 So what should you look for in order to enjoy some quality time with your family in Latvia?


Enjoy the nature

 Taking your family into the wild is a must-do when visiting Latvia. 

Cesis Park Castle

Cesis Park Castle

I have heard over and over again just how impressed tourists are with how many forests there are in Latvia. It takes a 10-minute drive out of any city and you will find yourself surrounded by wilderness. 

Among take forests that take about half of Latvia’s territory, there are countless lakes, rivers, and a 498 km coastline! A paradise for those who enjoy hiking and camping a manner, that takes you closer to nature. Forget about caravan camping. This is where you take out your old tent or even better, spend a couple of nights under stars sleeping in hammocks. With all of the forests you’ll have no problem finding the perfect spot for a family hammock-hangout.

 These are the kind of experiences that you will never forget. Even after visiting all of the 5-star hotels in Europe.


Explore the cities

Riga City in Latvia

The most populous city Riga, which is also the capital of Latvia, is home to only 640 thousand people. So you know wherever you go, you will never find yourself surrounded by enormous masses of people. And the small population is what makes exploring cities with your family a lot easier. 

Some might disagree, but I fell safe to say that the most family-friendly destination in Latvia is Sigulda. A 30-minute drive out of the capital will take you to a place where each and every visitor can find something to discover and enjoy. It’s one of those places where history, nature and amazing attractions form the perfect combination for a family friendly visit.

 Even if Latvia itself is not that well known, Sigulda has been recognized worldwide as one of the best places in the world for enjoying autumn. So there is a good reason to plan your visit at this time of the year. (Just keep in mind that at this time you will come across a lot more people visiting the magnificent place)

 Other cities that are definitely worth visiting are Ventspils, Liepaja, Jurmala and Kuldiga. The list could go on and on, but if I was to choose, I’d tell you to plan these as the most important.


Have fun at popular attractions 

How about visiting one of the largest water amusement parks in northern Europe? Livu Aqua-park located in Jurmala (a 10-minute drive from Riga) is one of those places that everyone, no matter their age, will enjoy. 

For more adventure based activities plan a visit to Tarzans Adventure Park in Sigulda. The largest outdoor adventure park you can find in the Baltic states. With more than a 100 different difficulty obstacles and countless activities, there is something for everyone. All in one place!

 While a combination of everything from wake-boarding to, obstacle courses and a water amusement park can be found in Ventspils Adventure Park.


Get to know the history

 Talking about history seems to be one of those things that your kids most likely won’t enjoy. Well, it depends on how it is being delivered.

 Visiting nuclear bunkers hidden under a SPA, that’s located in the middle of a forest is something that you will all enjoy. And there are many other places where you are being put in the middle of what the history if this country is, instead of visiting museums and boring your kids out.

 Why is this important? It gives a good perspective on the world we all live in.

Clocktower Caffe

It’s worth mentioning that Latvia is a relatively small country. Well, you got the idea of that. So it wouldn’t take more than a week to fully enjoy all of the best experiences Latvia gives you. It all depends on what you enjoy the most, the things you want your kids to experience and of course, on how well you plan it out.

If you have any questions on Latvia, I’d be happy to answer them at karlis@independentwolf.com  or in the comments.

Latvia based Karlis Kikuts, our guest blogger, runs travel website – https://independentwolf.com, focusing on everything related to Solo travel. From destinations to tips, travel gear reviews, to a great shopping experience and more.

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