All of us are blessed and privileged in one way or the other but end up focusing on that one thing which we don’t have.

Some of us have time, some of us have money, some of us have beautiful homes and some of us only have dreams. Why not make use everyone’s privilege, focus on what best we can do together to make at least one person fulfill his/her small dream?


Dream of going to a beautiful place, the dream of staying in a nice vacation home and dream of creating some beautiful memorable moments.


Gift your vacation home

Please write to us if you would like to give your vacation home for say 3-4 days(min) to people who only dream of going on a holiday but can’t afford one. These people would be nominated and chosen based on their life story, their hard work, and their fighting spirit.

You will be given complete information of your guests along with their story before you approve of them as guests.

Apart from this, we would bring all such stories of guests as well as generous hosts on our site for more people to get inspired by our quest to make someone’s dream come true.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We also invite corporates as part of their CSR initiative to sponsor travel and stay for orphan kids and underprivileged children so that we can conduct outdoor workshops, games, and activities for better exposure and learning






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