Gangtey Palace Hotel, Bhutan

My first glance of GPH through trip advisor wasn’t very comforting. Add to it the point that my trip organizer (Heavenly Bhutan) was insistent that GPH will be a great choice. I finally yielded and I swear this was an awesome place to stay in Paro. Here are a few reasons you may also consider this hotel:

1) Awesome location: on a hill, with breathtaking views of the entire mountain ranges surrounding Paro. The Paro monastery, its museum and the whole town lies below and make an impressive sight. Very close to the airport, the Druk planes landing and taking off are so close to the hotel that you may feel like you can touch them. Once dark, the lights of the town and the monasteries look so beautiful as well.


2) The hotel itself: very spacious, Bhutanese living inspired rooms with enough rugs and carpets to make you feel warm and comfortable. The rooms surrounding the inner courtyard as well as the rooms which are in the central building, both are stunning in terms of how they are kept from within inside as well as the views from their windows. The exotic or the clincher of the Hotel for me was its vast outer courtyard…oh, what a place! On an open terraced cliff (or table maybe) that suddenly drops down a hundred feet below is a wooden deck with enough chairs and table that overlooks into the empty expanse of the valley and the might snow covered mountains around it. The view (I have shared a picture) needs to be experienced. I probably spent 40% of my time there (tea, coffee as well as food). Further, the bar and the restaurant both have their own personality and make you feel warm. I never felt the need of a TV there (there is only 1 TV set and that’s in the bar).

3) The staff: excellent people each one of them. My son probably had them at their wit’s end for 4 nights that we stayed there, but they are such nice and happy lot that they kept on serving and meeting our needs. My son probably spent most of his time in their kitchen and quarters than our own room!

Would I come back…YES…If I ever am back in Paro, this is the place I will go to and recommend it to everyone. It’s a 100+ year old place that everyone needs to see and experience.

Room Tip: None. However, try the 3rd floor rooms!

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