Four Seasons Hotel Austin

I spent a few days in Dec 2013 at the Four Seasons. I was here a global event and also ended up visiting other major hotels in the vicinity. From that perspective, here is what I saw and felt –

1) Great location, coupled with the observation that it has its own characteristic setting, its own architecture (not really a box hotel which a few others are), a nice garden / walkaway along the lake, a great restaurant overlooking the lake, very warm interiors as seen in its lounge, floors, and decor. It has an identity and I always felt nice walking back into it from outside.

2) Very helpful Hotel staff – reception, front desk concierge, bell boys, restaurant ushers – everyone helped with a smile and took time to help me out on small and large items.

3) Large, spacious rooms which are well set – nice views, well-toned interiors (though the lamps are bit big and bulky) and very comfortable.

4) If I didn’t like anything in general, it would be the stone lobby as soon as you enter and that stretches till the lounge area. Erodes the warmth of the place….but now you’d know that I practically don’t have any big items which scored less in my book.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I comeback to stay? Absolutely….Is it a good value for money? Don’t know as I stayed there as a Corporate Guest 🙂

Room Tip: Look for higher floors and odd number rooms…they would have better views

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