Dubai Mauritius trip

There are times when God laughs & says, ‘Oh ! you have a plan for tomorrow’?  Yr 2013 has been like that for us, a year of settling down for God’s plans. And I feel bad and sad that I have been so involved in managing contingencies that I didn’t even spend time to post here.

Everything we expected or planned since 2013 beginning, went  haywire including simple things like travel We were supposed to visit Kashmir this march but just a day before that too got cancelled. Series of events post Afsal Guru’s hanging led to blasts, firings, killing of an innocent civilian and finally the curfew .

Nonetheless we had to take a break in May before my son would get into the school grind so irrespective of the quality of life episodes we decided to GO  (the time to rack brains over destinations and itinerary)

Egypt was an attractive option but didn’t want another cancellation due to the political upheaval . And given the only requirement my son and hubby had was water play,we froze on Mauritius & Dubai travel deal at the end.

Dubai Mauritius package

We were not a very cheery party at the thought of traveling to Dubai .We always assumed Dubai could be done anytime during the transit ,given that it is so near & is like a second home to Indian workers.And definitely it wasn’t a travel destination in our minds. William Dalryple’s ‘In Xanadu’ ,the book in my hand during the same time, also gave a strangely hilarious description of Arabs, a lot of it coinciding with the image I always had in my mind.

But of course, now that I’ve seen Arab ke tel aur Dubai ke malls ka kamaal,I know why Dubai is one of the most traveled destinations in the world.





God always gives something to everyone …… we Indians got water & greenery on land and they got Oil in sand. We got population,they believe in cooperation. The result…. Emirati cooperation has made Dubai a fine symbol of luxurious living amidst the desert and a dream for many, especially ‘Pakistanis’. Our guide was so fascinated by Emirati people and their lifestyle that his every sentence started with them and ended with them in a very weird ‘trying to be an English’ accent,  ‘Emirati people’.

He kept showing us what Oil can do and kept praising the rulers. The most wonderful statement of his was , ‘look out side ,every country has crime but Dubai has zero crime rate.’ I thought, ‘of course ’   😉 !!

Dubai points of interest

First half of the day, we wandered around Dubai museum, markets & skyscrapers exposing ourselves to the full glare of desert sun for the first time .My son moaning about the heat every now and then amidst of ‘wows’ and ‘one snap please’ by the other tourists. My son slept before he could see the Jumeriah mosque, the houses there, palaces of the 1st wife, 2nd wife and the 3rdwife of the ruler or have a look at Al burj where the most expensive cocktail of the world is served. Emirati people !! he missed all …

 Evening was our turn to experience Dhow cruise.The intent and the experience were total opposites. The choice of typical Hindi movie loud songs played on the cruise boat led us to sink into a state of exhausted helpless gloom .At the end of it we only wanted to go back and sleep peacefully,so we did.

Next day,we decided to get to Dubai mall on our own and shop. It was big for the time we had plus  my little one running  marathons across the human caravan trotting around the mall ,made it almost impossible to even have a look at the things we wanted . So we came out buying unnecessary things 🙁

What I distinctly remember about Dubai is the desert safari and the dance shows including belly dancing. That was unique & I truly appreciate the dancers there even the Arab men who go round n round n round.

dubai desert safari

Safari on land cruiser was a combination of pleasant and unpleasant. Twice our Vehicle almost was on the verge of toppling over the dunes. In fact half an hr hard labor was spent shoveling away at the sand, trying to help another vehicle which had got stuck , along with other Arab drivers .
dubai white jeep
More comforting was to ride on our own in bikes and jeeps.

Anyway,after the oil and sand experience it was time for nature and water.


Mauritius- The honeymoon destination for Indians

Mauritius was as beautiful as unexpected. Too much of clear blue water & god painted skies  ,too much lying in beach, too many baths ,too much wine and too much  pasta, almost everyday because the hotel didn’t have Indian veg options. And when requested for gulab jamun and gajar halwa, the chef said,’ ya ya Indian food  so you want ‘leddoos’.


Other than the food and Indian honeymooners who made us feel old and out of place, everything was nice.


That reminds me , ‘Is there any rule for Indian women to wear all kinds of ‘never ever tired before’ clothes and look uncomfortable on their honeymoon?

Blood red off shoulder mini frock with a flowery bow during winters and rains in Mauritius did make some honeymooners a fun sight though and we really didn’t mind that.

Besides, under water sea walk was an unusual experience for us. Couldn’t do lot other activities for the rough sea at Sands resort where we stayed. But we did north island and south island tour .Visit to Isle Aux cerfs reminded me of island hopping tour at Langkawi though.


By the end of four days well spent in Mauritius ,  a whole new series of responsibilities loomed….getting home, getting up early ,kid’s school ,job search, office, shifting to our new place in 3 months etc etc .4th June we had got back and am posting this now, just before my next break around Christmas  🙂

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