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Ans.  Read our article on ultimate guide to planning your trip. This is where you should on this website.

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Exclusive Travel Communities- Get relevant content & opportunities for group travel by Travel Jaunts

Traveling as couples and families could be easier as compared to traveling alone when you are 50plus. Within a family, we have our parents, we have children, we have singles and even problems of matching leisure time for all. Sometimes its difficult for a father to get leaves from work while mother and child could be free. Sometimes father and child alone would like to go on a trek for a deeper bonding while mother could take care of elders at home and sometimes we want our single elderly parents to travel too with their own age group friends.

In order to solve such problems, we intend to form travel communities which people can join to get group traveling opportunities. We believe everyone deserves to travel and it should be as much fun as possible for all age groups as well as for all combinations.

Join our Exclusive Travel Communities here 

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Please Note: If you would like to travel in groups under more than one community, you are most welcome to join all the communities relevant to you.


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