Binsar Villa, Uttarakhand

~10km from Binsar Bird Sanctuary, on top of a set of privately owned hills (and a private road that takes you uphill in a 10 min drive) is Club Mahindra’s fabulous property called Binsar Villa.

A set of wooden log cabins which overlook the valleys on all sides. Beautiful and spacious cabins, fantastic gardens and seating, and a cute set of rooms serve as restaurant and a club. Club Mahindra also has a larger property  on the hill road below which has a larger club house for guests to use w/o any additional fee.

To my view, this is one of the best CMH properties I have stayed in. Amazing views, very peaceful and quiet, routes to trek, birds to watch, books to read and ample places to sit down and think. Undoubtedly, the best place to stay in Binsar, even though there is a GVMN guest house at the top of Binsar Hill in the sanctuary.

The food, when we went, needed improvement. This is the only improvement I could recommend.

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