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Welcome to Travel Jaunts, one of the best travel blogs for family vacations and couple travel around the world.

This is  Hooma & Sudeep, a married couple and travel bloggers from Bangalore, India. We like travel, fun, and family in tow…we look forward to these breaks every now and then, and we like to relive them as they become memories.

In this family travel blog, we put our memories into words, and words into experiences. We have added a few pictures taken by us which may help you connect with those words.”

We have been traveling around the world since last 10 years or so. Sometimes with the whole family, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, and sometimes it’s just one of us and our son. Whichever way, whosoever with, traveling is the priority.

We are travel addicts who measure life by moments and memories. It is traveling which makes us happy and keeps us going despite all ups and downs. Going through our pictures, revisiting the moments, help us shift our focus on the good part of life and we believe that a good life requires focus on the good and creating more of good times by yourself. It is our passion to help you experience the same bliss.

If you too are looking for a place to fuel your travel dreams, get inspired and find information to explore the world, you are at the right place. We share travel tips, stories, photos, deals, and reviews on accommodation, dining, and tours. We believe in value for money travel. We neither advocate uber luxury nor the cheapest travel options. We believe in choosing the optimal solution depending on one’s need.

We hope that you find our posts and travel tips interesting, and a greater hope that it kindles the travel itch in you.

Do get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts with us.

Would like to know more about us??

Travel blogger, India

Hooma- Travel blogger, India


For records, I am a management graduate. Worked in banking & insurance industries for some years but couldn’t stick to that world for long…Initially, I started writing. Writing about my travel stories and experience. Found it quite immersing & satisfying; since then I haven’t looked back as they say, “one must do what one loves”.

A travel writer, a photographer, an art lover, a thinker and mother to a very naughty child. I love talking, out of hostel life so satisfy my hunger for expression by writing.

Used to be a debater & dance crazy once upon a time; love white over any other color. No coffee/tea / cold drink, it’s green tea. Prefer tomato sauce over Jam. Very selective about movies.
Love control, my decisions mean immediate or the same day implementation. Believe that successful relationships result out of similarities and not differences. Not fond of having anything fancy, appreciate minimalism and simple things. Believe in ‘sort it out till it gets sorted’

Life depends on google for anything and everything whether I need a recipe, any medical opinion, puja rituals, travel advice or even info about the healthiest cookware, I research all the time.

Hmm that’s all for now, will keep updating as and when I discover a new me.

Travel Blogger India

Sudeep – Travel Blogger, India


I come from a small town. Education and work were kind enough to take me to all parts of this country and many parts of this world. That exposure has worked wonders for me. I now connect easily with different kind of people and feel at home in many parts of the world. There is so much to see on this planet and so little we have done that perhaps a life spent like a nomad is a life well spent!

I love traveling and cherish the knowledge these experiences bring. So I also love reading non-fiction, listening to music, watching a lot of movies, clicking landscapes, and writing too. Traveling brings all of these so naturally together.

And, that’s me.

How Can we help you?

Traveling is not as much about money or favorable circumstances as about having the desire – the desire to explore and experience. You can be a solo traveler, you can be a senior citizen, you could be a family with small children and you can be on a shoe string budget; no matter what kind of situation you have, the only thing needed is love for travel and desire to make it happen.

Come on…. you don’t always have to bow to the monotony of life, go crazy at peak hours traffic and act like a corporate slave all the time. We are sure that everyone looks forward to weekend getaways and annual vacations to make some difference to yourself and to life.

In that case, just get out and get ready…everything in life is our choice. There are 7 continents, 196 countries and countless cities waiting for you.

We are here to show you how important it is to take time out to travel and  that you can travel anywhere in the world with a budgetyou can go to any country or city without having to know anyone there, you can improve your relationships by traveling together as a family, you can make lifetime memories and bonds with your children, grow as an individual….and most importantly, create good times for a good life.

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Thank you so much… Happy Traveling !!