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We organize unique group tours as well as custom private tours in India and abroad.

We’re Hooma & Sudeep, an Indian couple. We travel, family in tow, at the slightest opportunity life provides, and relive them as they become stronger and stronger memories.

We also love to share what we experience in our travels. In our family travel blog, you will find our memories squeezed into words, and words expanding into experiences. We add visuals of these experiences, so that you may connect with these and live them like we do.

So, if you are looking for your internal Columbus, Marco Polo, Sindbad, Popeye or just the smart Alec, then you have knocked at the right door. We share travel ideas, stories, dreams, tips and travel deals. What we share is what we have lived; 100% real.

We also organize tours for families and various groups (Corporate, India travel for first timers, Women tours, Mother with kid tours, father with child bonding tours etc)

How can we help you?

If you also wonder-

  • How do people travel so much?
  • How to save money while traveling?
  • Does it make sense to take kids along?
  • How and where to go for family vacations?
  • What to pack for a trip?
  • Which are the best places for couple travel?
  • How to find cheap flights and cheap accommodation?

Then, here are 3 reasons how we can help you too.

  1. We have been traveling for last 13 years; been to 25+ countries and extensively within India (every nook, corner and states barring 3 in North East). High chances that we would be able to help you with worry-free itineraries, comfortable places to stay, better planned routes and experienced hands.
  2. Since we have tried various travel styles within a family to balance everything else with travel, we have a wider experience to share. We have the experience of traveling with a kid, traveling with parents, traveling as couple and many a times traveling solo too. You can gain from our pain and safely take your kid along to Oktoberfest or plan your parent’s road travel to Manasarovar.
  3. Our lives are like yours. So you will find us relevant and relatable. Our travel tips & tours will be cool.

Our Story

Ours is the story of the Gemini and the Leo. Gemini prefers being always on the move and is a free bird while the Leo needs attention. Gemini hates to be instructed while the Leo can’t help stop back seat driving. And to top it all both demand perfection when it comes to their own whims. There is BeeGees to every Megadeth song, and its rom-coms only competing with non-fiction stories. The twain shall never have met – but for love of travel and writing.

Our mission

To use our experience to inspire and help others break out of their entrapments in experiencing travel as a way of leading an enriched & interesting life.

To help everyone within a family travel more, travel far & travel better by encouraging various travel styles.

To specifically connect deserving people in the tourism sector to the world (people who lack resources for advertising or promotion)

What makes us different

Unlike many full-time family bloggers, we need a permanent home to come back to, we want our child to go to a specific school & fulfill his dreams and we want to be with our parents in need. Hence, we are pretty practical about travel.

All we say is, you can continue to do your bit and still travel much more to enrich yourself.

How? Let us show you..

Would like to know more?

Hooma - Travel Blogger from India
Hooma behind Travel Jaunts

Born a free soul in the hills, with a liking for the wild, and troubled everyone till they sent me to a hostel far away.

A management education saw me entering the banking industry, only to find it suffocating and dim-witted. Re-schooled myself in advertising and photography, declared myself an entrepreneur (created a company), became a mother, found love – not necessarily in the same order – and discovered wanderlust.

My personality/Eccentricities- No tea, no coffee, no cola, an obsession for white, love for control and a strong admiration for Elon Musk. Don’t buy a thing just because it’s trendy, have strong likes and dislikes and need a new destination every now and then to satiate the Kundalini.

Sudeep- Travel blogger from India
Sudeep behind Travel Jaunts

I had Mariah Carey & Shah Rukh Khan posters side by side in my hostel room. That is how disjointed I grew up.

Thankfully, I have now traveled enough countries where atleast one or the other is not known and I feel a sense of balance. This is what travel has provided.

My samochuvstive (its an untranslatable russsian word) soars in the company of misty mountains, foaming waves, jungle walks, camping in the wild and the reassurance that my family is with me to trouble all the time.

When not traveling, I read (non fiction only), I write (everything), I click (love landscapes), I watch (only movies), I listen (to my family) and I work (a corporate job that makes me travel 3 days a week). That’s me!

Our travel moments

Best world travel blog Travel Jaunts
Gangtey Palace , Bhutan
camping in white desert by Travel Jaunts
Best family travel blog-Family vacations and couple travel
Planning actitivities with Children by Travel Jaunts
Backwaters of Kabini by Travel Jaunts
Walking in forest by Travel Jaunts
Tawang by Travel Jaunts

Measuring life by moments & memories...

Couple Travel bloggers India

Best Travel Blogs in the world

Traveling is not as much about money or favorable circumstances as about having the desire – the desire to explore and experience. You can be a solo traveler, you can be a senior citizen, you could be a family with small children and you can be on a shoe string budget; no matter what kind of situation you have, the only thing needed is love for travel and desire to make it happen.

We are here to show you how important it is to take time out to travel and  that you can travel anywhere in the world with a budgetyou can go to any country or city without having to know anyone there, you can improve your relationships by traveling together as a family, you can make lifetime memories and bonds with your children, grow as an individual….and most importantly, create good times.

Start today! Check out our Starting guide page that will give you the inspiration AND information to make your travel dreams come true!

Write to us. We love encouragement and support.

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Thank you so much… Happy Traveling !!


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